Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cod catches continue....

All skippers have been reporting great catches of cod over the last few weeks. Significant numbers of fish upto 10lb have been reported. Skipper Jim Linehan of Deora De had a party out on Easter Friday and has given us the following report: '....some Good Friday cod. I had a group of 9 local guys out. The 7 that weren't sick had two boxes of cod to around 7-8lbs in about an hour. They soon got bored with the cod as they were then releasing them, so we moved away from them!!! We also ran into a few big mackeral shoals a few miles off with lots of gannets working them. I hope they stick around!'

If you'd like to book the Deora De for a day's charter you can contact skipper, Jim Linehan, through his website at

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