Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fly Fish Ireland

New recruits to the Cork Harbour Angling Hub are Fly Fish Ireland. Fly Fish Ireland specialise in fly fishing, both salt water and fresh water. Their saltwater base is Cork Harbour, and guides, Mark Houlihan and William Kavanagh, with many years experience between them, can help you target bass, pollack, seatrout, golden grey mullet, grey mullet, and many other species, on the fly.

Cobh SAC angler, Pat O' Shea, was lucky to get out with Mark Houlihan on a recent balmy summer's evening and gives us this report '....although I'm not a fly fisherman myself, I was looking forward to my outing with saltwater fly fishing guide, Mark Houlihan. Mark brought us to one of his secret Cork Harbour shore spots and, although, conditions would be tough, given the settled conditions and superb clarity of the water, Mark was confident that we would winkle out a fish or two. We started at low water and were going to fish the rise into darkness. Mark stuck to the fly and put on a popper. I stayed with the lures and with the settled conditions opted for surface lures. It was a good choice, as after a bit of roaming and rock hopping, I connected with a half decent bass on a 'sammy.' After a brief struggle the fish managed to throw the hooks, wh
ich so often happens with surface caught fish. Following that we had no more shows until after dark, when I connected with a fish close in on a holographic lure. This fish wasn't getting away! With very shallow water covering the reef the fish had nowhere to run but out to sea and what a spirited fight it gave! In fact, the fish was punching above its weight as I was surprised when we landed it that it was 4.5lbs...I did think it was bigger. A good fish all the same and what a
great way to wrap up the session. Thanks Mark!!!'

If you'd fancy a guided session with Mark give him a bell; his contact details are here.

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