Friday, August 12, 2011

Superb Summer fishing for Cork Harbour Boats....

What a great season Cork Harbour Boats are having! Great cod fishing, good shark fishing, unusual species, specimen fish, etc.,... Skippers John, Finbar and Eoin Barry have had several Dutch parties and many local groups out on the 'Cuan Ban' and 'The Castlemaiden' over the last few weeks and on each trip there have been several highlights.

Skipper Eoin Barry reports ' that period we've had cod to 10, 11, and 12lbs, pollack to 8lbs, and a fine specimen conger over the 40lb mark that was returned alive. On one trip we had a surprise monkfish. What was most surprising was that the monk was caught on a jellyworm whilst spinning for pollack. On a few trips we've targeted blue shark and have had many shark to the boat...probably the best sharking season in a number of years....'

Undoubtedly, the Barry's will have
many more great days as the best of the season is yet to come. August and September are usually the best months.

If you'd fancy a day out on either the 'Cuan Ban' or 'Castlemaiden' why not give the lads a shout! For contact details click here.


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