Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn Bass - Bellavista style.....

With the improved weather of the last few weeks the bass fishing in the harbour has really kicked off. At last!!! There has been very little rainfall in September and this has resulted in a massive improvement in water quality. In some of the backwaters and creeks the water is back to the more usual emerald greeny-blue. That's a complete contrast to the middle of August when the water was a peaty brown. No wonder the bass fishing was tough back then!

Owner of the Bellavista fleet, Kevin Murphy, reports that his clients are having some great autumn bassing. Many of his guests in the last month have been from Holland and France and have been targeting the bass with a vast array of lures. The French lads, in particular, have concentrated on soft plastics, as you would expect. Their results have been excellent with many of the fish in the 60 - 70cm range, a very encouraging sign. Autumn fishing for bass is just great! The fish have piled on the weight over the summer months and, in a last splurge before the onset of winter, are always in a greedy mood, some would say even an angry mood! Lures, particularly surface lures, are attacked with venom! Oh, how you just can only but love the autumn!

Here are a few pics of some of Kevin's clients with recent fish. If you'd like to target the harbour bass why not hire one of Kevin's small hire-drive boats. Kevin has a range of Warrior 175's and Raider 19's to choose from. Contact Kevin on 00-353-86-6029168 or check out his website on


  1. Some really lovely fish there that's great! So glad to be seeing the fish come on with improved conditions, as you say gotta love autumn :-)

  2. After the bass season we've gone through its great to see such an improvement in the fishing. Hopefully, the earlier sign of deterioration was just a blip!