Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bass....they're back!!!

Local die-hard lure anglers Ray Horgan and Pat O'Shea struck silver at last! The lads have stuck to lure fishing all through the winter and have persevered despite countless blanks. At last their efforts have been rewarded. Over the last few days the bass have re-appeared again on the outer Harbour marks and the two hardy anglers were in the right place at the right time.

Ray reports that he had this fine 60cm fish on a Tackle House Feed Shallow on an early morning session. The water was still coloured but despite that the fish had no problem targeting the lures. Ray lost another fish almost at his feet which he reckons was the same size and he had numerous other fish bump the lures.

Pat O'Shea availed of the fine weather and headed out at mid-day. In a short two hour session he had a 53cm bass to a Feed Shallow and a 50cm fish to a Savage Gear Sandeel. It just goes to show its not all about being there at dusk or dawn!

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