Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 specimens in one day....

Well it really was a red letter day for Martyn Rayner recently. Last week Martyn and fishing buddy, Seirt, managed three specimens in one day fishing aboard Martyn's boat, Screemin' Reels. Martyn takes up the story himself '....well the day started as a hunt for ray and huss, but rather turned out a flatty marathon. It was a cracking days fishing to say the least. We initially headed out to new ground near the Smiths and I soon had the first specimen onboard; a lesser spotted dogfish. This was much to the annoyance of Siert, as he couldn't get one over the magic mark, eventhough we had plenty to 3lbs. As we still had no ray a move was in order. We shifted to an inshore mark, where we decided to drift. Here we picked up plenty of grey gurnard, but still no ray.
We then moved to an area east of Trabolgan and again started to try for thornies. Still no joy but I picked up a nice plaice. This was soon followed by the second specimen of the day, a nice dab. We started to pick up some more nice plaice around the 2-3lb mark, and decided to continue fishing for flats. Seirt sent down his match bait special, and just as I said it was time to move, he said, "hang on whilst I just bring in this specimen plaice." Although, intended as a pun, he wasn't joking either! When I looked around, his 30lb class rod was bent over, and I could see long powerful runs. I grabbed the net and in went a lovely big plaice. Weighed onshore it tipped the scales at 4.15lbs. Seirt was a happy camper, as were we both with three specimens onboard!!! We then decided to move back to the Harbour, to try again for ray and huss, but as the flood started and still no joy, we called it a day. These days come very rarely and boy did we enjoy it.'

The specimen tally was a specimen dab at 1.55lbs, a specimen plaice at 4.15lbs, and a specimen LSD at 3.75lbs. What a great result! It looks like the lads on Screemin' Reels will be once more the ones to watch in the Cork Small Boats Festival

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