Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jumbo Cod at the Kelp Beds

Donie Geary, skipper of the John Boy, had a great session recently targeting cod. Donie had a group of Welsh anglers with him and took them to the kelps beds off Power Head. Boy, did they have good fishing!!! They had several boxes of red cod with a good number of the fish in double figures. Best of the bunch was this 18lber.
Later as they motored their way back to the harbour the group set about filleting the catch. When they gutted the big fish a plastic object, about the size of a pencil battery, fell out onto the deck. Turns out it was a tagging device implanted many years ago by the Marine Institute. With it came a reward of €75 for the device and €25 for the fish. That wasn't the last; on filleting one of the 12lb fish the lads discovered two wire tags in the flesh of the fish. These also carried rewards of €100 each. What a day bumper fish and bonuses to boot!!!
These devices have been forwarded to the Marine Institute and they should give very interesting information asto the movement of the cod and their life history. Once we get that info we'll blog that here. Watch this space!
If you'd like a day out on the John Boy after these lunker cod, give Donie a shout through his website at

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