Friday, June 1, 2012

..and the good fishing continues

18lb cod caught recently on the Lee Star
As we head into the weekend its encouraging that the fishing has been good of late. Last weekend was almost as good as the weekend before. Tina Kneeshaw got a round-up of all the fishing from the skippers and filed the following report....

 "...What a great weekend here in Cork Harbour! The weather was a bit hit and miss, but a lot of the Charter Boast were out with full crews. The anglers were a mixture of experienced lads and lads out for the craic. The first report I heard was from John Geary of the "Lee Star" who fished down off Power Head. He was mostly drifting and had some great cod. One of the recent lunkers is pictured above. The cod are of a good size in fairness but they just took home enough for a feed. Great news, though, was that they found some Mackeral....the first I have heard this season....

Alan Kennedy aboard "Lagosta II" went out on Saturday. He reported that it was quite enough. Saying that though, while everyone ashore was enjoying the sun, at sea the weather was not the best. They did get a great selection of cod, dogs, conger, and grey gurnard. Alan did tell me that Sunday was different. The wind died down, and there was a bit of a slow Southerly swell. On the fishing front they had plenty of pollack around 6-8lbs, a few good cod of around 4-8lbs, and the odd ling wrasse, pouting, dogs, and grey gurnards. They also had 1/2 a box of mackeral. That's great to hear. I KNOW WHERE TO FIND MY BAIT NOW!!!

Pat Condon, a great fishing mate of mine and now a skipper aboard "Osprey" Charter Boat, had a great time with a boat load of beginners. They fished 3 miles off Power Head. Pat felt it was patchy enough, but the novices felt otherwise. They had a great day and ended up with cod, grey gurnard, pollack, ling and they also had mackeral. I can't wait to get out next weekend!!!

What a harbour we have got in fairness; the selection of species is something else. Now that the mackeral are back it is looking like we will have loads of bait and, ummmm, a feed for Brekkie.

Happy fishing lads and lassies."

Great report Tina!!! We hope you do get out this weekend and keep those reports coming!!!

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