Sunday, September 30, 2012

Big Bass start showing.....

Autumn heralds the appearance of bigger bass. Often fish of 76cm and up are now over the double figure mark. Earlier in the season these fish were lean, having girths of 38cm and less. Many would have weighed around the 9lb mark....still good fish, though! Now after feeding varociously over the summer months they have put on weight. Girth measurements are coming in anything upto 10cm more and that same 9lb fish that measured 76cm may well be 10lbs and more!!!

This has been the experience of Eire Bass guide, Richie Ryan. A number of weeks ago, at the start of the Autumn, Richie put one of his client's onto one such fish! Pete Richards from Bristol was fishing on what was a tough day out, fishing wise. Despite the conditions, Richie was determined to get his client a number of fish and reverted to one of his banker marks. Pete was glad he did, for the best fish of the day turned out to be this fine bass of 10.3lbs pictured above.

As you can see from the pic the water in the harbour was still very coloured. These conditions are challenging to say the least and have made fishing in the harbour and outside difficult for all anglers. Having said that, to Richie's credit he has never failed to put his client's on the fish this season, despite the conditions. Well done, Richie!!!

If you fancy a crack at the Cork Harbour bass and the chance to land a biggie, you wouldn't go far wrong than to book Richie for a session. Give Richie a buzz on 00-353-86-1940744 or check out his website

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