Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A real Bassy tale......

For those avid bass anglers amongst you this is a good 'un. Last week skipper of the Cuan Ban, John Barry, had a group of Dutch anglers out for a few days. Unfortunately, the weather didn't play ball. Strong easterly winds made for uncomfortable conditions. John brought the gang to the Pollack Rock reef but even here the short chop that these winds always generate soon had a few of the lads turning green around the gills. John had no alternative but to take the anglers to a more sheltered mark.

Fortunately, John has a wealth of experience and has a plethora of marks built up over the last 40 years of charter skippering out of Cork Harbour. John made for the lee of a headland to a spot he knew would guarantee good sport with some hefty congers. Under the shelter of land the colour soon returned to their cheeks. Soon enough the guys were landing a number of congers and spirits were high once more.

While the Dutch lads were fishing away John decided to have a bit of fun and set up a spinning rod with a jig head baited with a long strip of mackeral belly. John was hoping to pick up pollack, mackeral, and garfish but John was in for a surprise. Not long after starting John's rod doubled over and line stripped from the reel. John was into something big. Although, in relatively shallow water, less than 20 feet, John reckoned he was into a massive pollack as this reef can produce some biggies. However, this lunker turned out to be a super bass and no one was more surprised than John to see this species at the end of his line. One of his Dutch clients did the dutiful and netted John's prize catch....and what a prize catch it turned out to be. The fish measured 80cm and weighed in at 10lb 8oz. What a fish!....and what a surprise!!! You can bet that John will be trying this style of fishing again!

If you'd fancy a day out on the Cuan Ban then give John or Eoin a shout on 087 - 2363566. Check out the Cork Harbour Boats website here for more details.

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