Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bass in the Dragon's Den....

The Molyneux's have been coming from North Wales to Cork Harbour and East Cork, fishing for bass, for years. This year they report that they had the best year since they started coming. They've had such a week that you'd be forgiven for thinking that these Welsh Dragons have found a den of bass!!!

It didn't start that well. They did have a fine bass of 6lb on the first tide. Just after arriving on Sunday evening they decided to fish a favourite shore mark using surface lures. The water was coloured as there had been a stiff breeze over the weekend. Within the first hour Mike Molyneux had a stonking bass on a patchinko....and what a fantastic visual attack it was. The fish literally breeched completely out of the water in its efforts to get at the lure. However, after that they struggled.

The next day the weather deteriorated dramatically and the lads caught no fish. It wasn't for want of effort, though.

By Tuesday things started to improve. James reported that the fishing started to take off. On the Tuesday they had 6 fish. The next day they had 15 bass. On Thursday they had 10 and on the last tide of their trip, on Friday morning, they had 9 more.....but it was the size of the fish that had James raving! In total they had two 3lbers, four 4lbers, twenty-one 5lbers, six 6lbers, a 7lb 12oz bass, five 8lbers, one bass of 9lb 12oz and one 10lber. Wow, that's some fishing....and its great to hear amidst all the reports of relatively poor fishing over the last few months.

James was excited about this trip....'this is why we come to Ireland. We can get plenty of bass at home, probably more than here even, but they're all small with the odd few touching 5lbs. Here you the chance of some really big fish and every year we seem to get one to double figures. That's why we come back every year.'

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  1. Great write up lads.. Let me know when you go out next, Be great to join ya...