Thursday, October 3, 2013

Summer Bass....with Eire Bass

Richie Ryan has had a great season. Back in July he made the best of the weather and had clients on the bass almost every day!!!

In one case two clients were on the bass straight away! Megan Ballack, USA, and Adam Brooks, London, had never caught a bass before and to their delight they both hooked up on their first casts. Megan had hooked up on Richie's secret weapon. One of these days we'll all get to see what this is! Adam picked up his fish on a Megabass X140. Megan wasn't happy to hold her catch, hence the bass in the net. However, both were happy campers!

On another occasion, Richie took two Australian clients to a secret mark of his within the confines of Cork Harbour. To start off Richie demonstrated how to fish soft plastic lures by casting to a certain spot with the intention of starting a retrieve. However, the moment the lure hit the water it was on! After a spirited fight a splendidly conditioned 5lb was landed. Tony Di Paolo and Carl Schultz needed no further encouragement to get going themselves and were soon playing out fish of there own. More were to follow and it rounded off a great introduction to Ireland.

Earlier en route to Richie they had bought a map to find their way. A woman in the shop offered to show them the way. She drove all the way to the location in her own car with the two anglers following in theirs. Its great to see that Irish hospitality and friendliness is still alive and well!

If you'd fancy a day out bass fishing with top guide Richie Ryan then give him a buzz on 00-353-86-1940744.

Richie specialises in lure fishing, especially salt water flying fishing. His boat, Seahawk, was Ireland's first licensed salt water fly fishing boat. As well as bass, Richie targets pollack, mullet, and seatrout. Check out the Eire Bass website here.

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