Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cobh SAC - 1st Master Comp of the year

Vice-Chairman, Danny Kane, is a persuasive bugger. In the run up to Cobh SAC's first master angler comp of the year, Danny recruited two new members for Cobh SAC. Martin Kennedy and Dave Jolly are two of Ireland's most experienced anglers and have represented Ireland on many an occasion. Both anglers were signed up by Danny in time to fish the comp. Boy, was this certainly going to put the pressure on the rest of us!

....and so with two international anglers on-board we headed off last Sunday morning bright and early, confident in the knowledge we were going to have our backsides whipped...but, at least, we'd be on a steep learning curve. Danny, however, didn't look in the form to learn anything. He did look the worst for wear and, no wonder, as he was up all night entertaining the crew from Boat Angling Ireland on an all night session. Serves you right, Danny!

What a beautiful day it was! Hardly any breeze, blue skies, warm temps, almost like summer. Skipper Ger Keohane steered the Naomh Cartha to one of his favourite marks on the edge of the Smiths and anchored up. The fishing, though not hectic, was alright. The two ex-Irish team lads swept out ahead but auld salt, Frankie Cronin, kept pace with them, as did Sandra O' Shea. By the end of the day a good tally of fish had been brought on-board. In total there were 100 fish with the breakdown as follows: 3 coalfish, 5 cod, 15 conger, 3 doggies, 13 ling, 31 pollack, 1 grey gurnard, 3 poor cod, 21 cuckoo wrasse, and 5 ballan wrasse.

The final results were:

1st Martin Kennedy, 25 fish, 408 pts
2nd Dave Jolly, 25 fish, 361 pts
3rd Sandra O' Shea, 16 fish, 268 pts
4th Frank Cronin, 8 fish, 223 pts
5th Danny Kane, 11 fish, 183 pts
6th Noel Kavanagh, 7 fish, 139 pts
7th Donnacha O' Connell, 3 fish, 87 pts
8th Eric O' Neill, 5 fish, 81 pts

Not a bad start to the Summer, roll on the next comp next month (keep an eye here for details)

If you fancy a day out on the Naomh Cartha have a look at the website (here) for Skipper Ger Keohane's contact details.

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