Friday, May 25, 2012

Skippers Diaries - Bellavista Fleet (Part 2)

Buoyed by their success on Sunday, the Dutch party headed off for more of the same on Monday. Of course they headed directly for Jim Clohessy's mark but tried a few other reef marks aswell. Owner of the fleet Kevin Murphy takes up the story....

"8am, full of excitement from the previous day the lads headed back to the off-shore reef and caught some fine cod (upto 95cm!!!) and also caught some nice pollack. The afternoon was to prove difficult and we moved 6 miles to another reef which produced lots of fish but not to the quality of the previous day....

However, in pike and zander terms it was a busy day and one these anglers will never forget!!! Light gear, NO BAIT and CLEAN boats. A great way to start a season!!!

The next group will arrive Saturday. Watch this space....."

If you'd fancy taking out one of the Bellavista self-drive boats for a day's fishing have a look at the Bellavista website here for more details.

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