Friday, May 25, 2012

Skipper's Diaries - Lee Star

Skipper John Geary of the Lee Star was out on Monday. He reckons the fishing on Monday was just as good as it had been the day before.

John brought his party down East but they fished off Guileen first. Here they had plenty of the red kelpy cod but they were small; most being below the 4lb mark.

John decided a move was in order and brought his party down further East; a couple of miles off Power Head to be exact. Here they had cracking fishing with some fine cod in the 6lb - 8lb bracket with a few fish nudging 9lbs.

By the end of the day they had a few dozen fish in the boxes and the lads had plenty of fillets for the freezer going home!!! Well done John!!!

If you'd fancy a day out on the Lee Star have a look at John's website here for contact details.

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  1. We were very upset this weekend fishing with John,who is realy nice and friendly guy,but a lot of fish was just thrown out from the boat,few of them were congers- 10-15 pouns of weight-he just said we cant keep them and threw back to the sea,pollack around 2 lb -he said we will catch way bigger fish.He threw all mackerel in one big container-so at the end of fishing some lads got big mackerel,some who catched a lot-got nothing at all-all of us came home unhappy,that was the worst deep sea experience(and we are not beginners) .