Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter chill fails to deter light line anglers....

On Sunday 5th December Cobh SAC held its second light line competition of the Winter season. Despite the absolute freezing conditions, 7 anglers were brave enough to venture out on the John Boy, skippered by Donie Geary.

These light line competitions have been blessed with good fishing and this one was to be no different. Over the 5 hours fishing 217 fish were landed giving each angler an average of over 30 fish. The mainstay of the catch were codling and they were of a good stamp too with many averaging 3 to 5lbs.

There were also plenty of whiting with many fish going to 2.5lbs and plenty of dabs also with fish going close to specimen size. Anthony Austin from Crosshaven SAC came in for a fierce slagging as he managed a conger on lugworm of all things!

Winner of the competition was Martin Perryman of both Cobh SAC & Crosshaven SAC. However, Sandra O' Shea of Cobh SAC ran him a close second, with Danny Kane coming in in third spot. All competitiors were glad of the soup when they got back to the Commodore Hotel. Mind you the constant action made sure that anglers didn't have a chance to get cold. Roll on the next light line comp in January!!!!

Cobh SAC Boat Master Angler

The fourth and last competition in this year's series to decide Cobh SAC's master angler was held on the last Sunday of November. This was the weekend that the first of this Winter's cold snaps blew in and boy was it cold! The heavy frost that morning prevented many from turning up but despite the conditions six hardy anglers braved the elements and boarded the John Boy at Kennedy Pier.

Skipper for the day was Mark O' Reilly as Donie had prior engagements. Mark brought the crew to one of Donie's marks on the Smiths to start with. Fishing was slow, but having said that the quality of fish brought to the net was good. In total there was 71 fish caught, the vast majority codling and whiting. Having said that most of the cod were from 5lbs up.

Although, conditions were good to start with, a freezing NE breeze blew up. With that extra wind chill the anglers had to no option but to head back to a more sheltered harbour mark. Everyone was well wrapped up, as can be seen from the photo above of that international man of mystery. They seek him here...they seek him there...but here's a Christmas quiz for all; can you identify that well known club member?

When everyone got back to base at the Commodore Hotel they were glad of that hot bowl of soup. The scores were totted up and the outright winner on the day was Danny Kane with 15 fish and 278 points. This was enough to secure the Master Angler title for the year. Well done Danny!!! Danny just managed to pip veteran Frankie Cronin at the last hurdle. Second on the day was Sandra O' Shea, also with 15 fish, and 229 points. Third was Noel Carey with 16 fish and 225 points.

What a year Danny Kane has had; Cobh SAC Boat Master Angler, winner of the Cobh International Deep Sea Angling Festival and......cover of Irish Angler!!!!!!