Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Summer Fishing aboard Osprey II

A sample of some of the fishing onboard Osprey II with skipper Pat Condon. Pat has huge experience having represented Ireland in Boat Angling many times and having chalked up an impressive number of specimen fish in his own right. Pat will be part of the Irish team again this year fishing in Portugal. In fact, having won last year's Masters, Pat will captain the team. This video shows Pat putting some of his clients on mixed ground fishing with some cod and also some blue shark fishing.

If you'd fancy a trip out with Pat during the 2013 season give him a bell on 00-353-86-3622044 or check out his website on Osprey II.

Friday, February 8, 2013

January Light Lines - the results!

We're a bit late with this report. On the second Sunday after Christmas 23 anglers participated in the third light line competition of the season. On a day more reminiscent of Spring rather than Winter, the anglers boarded three of the Hub's charter boats, the John Boy, Naomh Cartha, and the Lagosta II. By 10:30am all was ready, the boats were anchored in the fishing grounds of Deep Hole at the inside mouth of the harbour, and the anglers were ready to start.

From the oft fish appeared. Not as many as previous competitions but at a steady pace, nonetheless. Again whiting were the mainstay but there were plenty of dab also. The full count of fish were 1,127 whiting, 227 dabs, 11 lsd's, 17 codling, 20 pouting, 68 poor cod, and 2 scorpion fish for a total of 1,471 fish or an average of 64 fish per angler.

The craic, slagging, and banter was once again intense. Danny Kane was the butt of much of the banter. Was he going to pull ahead of the anglers and claim the top spot or was his partner, Sandra O'Shea, going to beat him once again.

As it turned out Danny had quite a good day finishing in second place overall and putting many of the top dogs to the sword. The full results were as follows:

  1. Pat O'Shea,                  165 fish,   2204 pts,  100.0%
  2. Danny Kane,                 77 fish,   1104 pts,  100.0%
  3. Shane Gilvarry,             61 fish,     890 pts,  100.0%
  4. Dave Ryland,              154 fish,   2089 pts,    94.8%
  5. Martin Kennedy,           51 fish,     744 pts,    83.6%
  6. Pat Condon,                  49 fish,     726 pts,    81.6%
  7. Slywester Skowronski, 52 fish,     885 pts,    80.2%
  8. Sandra O'Shea,             46 fish,     689 pts,    77.4%
  9. Robert Fraczek,          122 fish,   1638 pts,    74.3%
10. Martin Perryman,          55 fish,    810 pts,     73.4%
11. Josie Barrett,                 56 fish,    806 pts,     73.0%
12. Pat Wright,                  114 fish,  1532 pts,     69.5%
13. John Dennehy,              51 fish,   747 pts,      67.7%
14. Tomasz Kujawa,           47 fish,   697 pts,      63.1%
15. Donnacha O'Connell,   94 fish,  1265 pts,     57.4%
16. Liam Kennedy,             37 fish,   537 pts,     48.6%
17. Craig Lee,                     66 fish,   915 pts,     41.5%
18. Noel Kavanagh,           24 fish,    359 pts,     40.3%
19. Eric O'Neill,                 30 fish,    435 pts,     39.4%
20. Dave Clancy,               22 fish,    351 pts,     39.4%
21. John Fitz,                     49 fish,    678 pts,     30.8%
22. Cathal Evan,                11 fish,    180 pts,     20.2%
23. Timmy Leahy,             28 fish,    375 pts,     17.0%

Now with three comps completed the league is starting to take shape. The top positions are as follows:

1. Pat O'Shea
2. Martin Kennedy
3. Martin Perryman
4. Slywester Skowronski
5. Dave Ryland
6. John Dennehy
7. Sandra O'Shea
8. Pat Wright
9. Danny Kane
10. Dave Clancy

Its all to play for in the next comp. The next light lines comp is on Sunday 24th February. If you want to fish this one, then contact Danny Kane on 086-8161946 or Mary Geary on 021-4812167. See you there!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter Bassing onboard the rubber duck

Soft plastic supremo, Jim Clohessy, is at it again!....and in the depths of winter this time!!!

See him strike silver in his own inimitable way.