Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Summer Sharking

I recently met skipper Pat Condon of the Osprey II who told me about his sharking exploits during the summer of 2012. On one of his best days Pat & his clients boated 35 blue shark. Wow!!!

All sharks were of course tagged and released. Luckily, Pat captured some of the action on video. He's being practicing his videoing and editing skills ever since he attended one of Jim Clohessy's training courses. Jim, I'm sure, will be giving Pat a good score for this one!!!

If you'd fancy a day out sharking with Pat during the coming season, give him a ring on 00-353-86-3622044 or check out his website on Osprey II

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Big Winter Cod

There have been a few reports of some fine cod being caught lately. Here's a pic of a 14lber caught on Joe Lynch's Wreckhunter.

The second pic is of an 11lber caught at the mouth of the Harbour on a soft plastic. This was landed by one of guide James McSweeney's clients.

Friday, January 11, 2013

National Boat Team Fundraiser

Over the Christmas Holidays, Cork Harbour Angling Hub hosted a fundraising competition for the National Boat Team. What a great turn out, with over 60 anglers taking part! Fishing was excellent, with some fine cod caught, and many other winter species, such as whiting, dab, etc.,... Again many of the dab were of specimen's a pic of one of those belters!!! .....more details to follow.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Mullet....on the fly!!!

When the bass are scarce bass angling guide, Richie Ryan, and local bass angling legend, Andy Davies, target the mullet. Andy and Richie "hook" up every year for a few sessions fly fishing for these elusive fish. Richie reckons, though, that they can be a bit easier to catch in the early part of the year, and so despite sometimes frosty weather the lads can have great January sport targeting the Irish equivalent of tropical bonefish.  Andy and Richie use small unweighted Czech nymphs and 8lb flourocarbon on a very long trace.

Richie reckons that '...mullet are very difficult to hook due to their hard mounths but often fight harder than bass when hooked. Many fish are lost during frenetic runs and tear line off the reel at a tremendous rate. Great sport if you can get to a beach where they start to shoal at this time of year. If.....'

If you fancy a trip out with Richie give him a buzz on 086 - 1940744 or check out his website Eire Bass for more details.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

January Light Line Comp

The next light lines comp is on next Sunday, the 13th January. Again this is great value at €40 and a good entry is once more expected. If you'd like to fish this then contact Danny Kane on 086-8161946 and book your place. Boats will be leaving Kennedy Pier at 10am with fishing from 10:30am till 3:30pm. Rules are very simple with the only stipulation of difference from normal comps being that the mainline be of 15lb bs or less. See yo there; you know its good for ya!!!