Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Light Line Comp - The Results

What a great day Sunday was!!! Not only was the weather great but the fishing was great as well....and this despite an easterly wind blowing; so much for the old adage '...when the winds blow from the east....'

25 anglers turned out to fish and were whisked off to the fishing grounds in Deep Hole by the Wreck Hunter, Naomh Cartha, & Lagosta II of the Cork Harbour fleet. One of those fishing was Cobh SAC angler George Stockley who at 81 years of age put many younger anglers to shame. As Cobh SAC Treasurer, Pat O' Shea, reports '...George and I have been fishing together for over 40 years and once again George has put me to the sword, so as to speak. Both of us were fishing together on the Lagosta II and George finished up with 86 fish to my 84. Mind you I wasn't the only one shown up; the only two on board with more fish than George were Irish Home Nations Team captain, John Dennehy, and local angler Danny Kane, who last year was fishing for a place in the National Boat Team in the Fish-Offs. That'll show you how skilled George is as an angler. Well done George!!!'

George is pictured in the first picture above with one of the fine whiting he caught on the day. Now compared to our last two competitions in January and February the fishing was much better; not that the fishing wasn't bad for these two either. A total of 1578 countable fish were caught; that's an average of 63 fish per angler. Wow!

The breakdown of fish were; 1239 whiting, 272 dabs, 7 grey gurnard, 5 tub gurnard, 37 lsd, 2 pouting, 10 poor cod, 3 plaice, 2 flounder, and 1 scorpion fish. As was the case in February, there were mackeral caught on all of the boats. However, they weren't as prolific as they had been in that competition.

Well done, once again, to John Dennehy of Cork, who for the second month on the trot won the competition. John is currently the captain of the Ireland Home Nation Boat Angling team, and with good reason. Well done John!!!

The full results are as follow:

1. John Dennehy, 112 fish, 1515 pts, 100.0%
2. Slywester Skowronski, 95 fish, 1358 pts, 100.0%
3. Martin Perryman, 71 fish, 980 pts, 100.0%
4. Pat Wright, 90 fish, 1263 pts, 93.0%
5. Danny Kane, 97 fish, 1318 pts, 87.0%
6. Ger Brady, 85 fish, 1163 pts, 85.6%
7. Anthony Austin, 84 fish, 1163 pts, 85.6%
8. James Brandon, 58 fish, 815 pts, 83.2%
9. Conor Purcell, 58 fish, 809 pts, 82.6%
10. George Stockley, 86 fish, 1172 pts, 77.4%
11. Pat O' Shea, 84 fish, 1150 pts, 75.9%
12. Sandra O' Shea, 50 fish, 714 pts, 72.9%
13. Tomasz Kujawa, 44 fish, 649 pts, 66.2%
14. Rob Kelly, 72 fish, 991 pts, 65.4%
15. Zoltan Kowacs, 69 fish, 959 pts, 63.3%
16. Noel Kavanagh, 62 fish, 859 pts, 63.3%
17. John Fitzgerald, 59 fish, 819 pts, 60.3%
18. Eddie Deasy, 60 fish, 834 pts, 55.0%
19. John O' Reilly, 52 fish, 745 pts, 54.9%
20. Bobby Crebor, 35 fish, 524 pts, 53.5%
21. Martin Breecher, 50 fish, 697 pts, 46.0%
22. Steve Bray, 38 fish, 541 pts, 39.8%
23. Donnacha O'Connell, 24 fish, 376 pts, 38.4%
24. Deirdre Murphy, 23 fish, 329 pts, 33.6%
25. Cian Ryan, 20 fish, 271 pts, 27.7%

The next light line competition is on Sunday 22nd April. If you'd fancy fishing this then give Danny Kane a buzz on 086 - 8161946 or Mary Geary on 021 - 4812167 (or on email on seaangling@esatclear.ie).

Friday, March 16, 2012

Light Line Competition - March

Ok, get your skates on; sign up for this month's line line competition!!!

The next light line comp is on Sunday week, the 25th March. Once again Cobh SAC are hosting this event and if you'd like to fish then book your place before next Weds with either club secretary, Mary Geary, on 021-4812167, or Danny Kane, on 086-8161946.

The rules are kept as simple as possible; the only stipulation is that your mainline be 15lb bs or less. Rigs, snoods, shockleaders can be of any strength. The scorecard used is the same as for the National Fish-off's and the fishing is identical. If you'd fancy a crack off making the National Boat Team then this is the ideal practice for you. Mind you, as it is a fun competition this outing is suitable for anglers of all skill levels and for the complete novices there are plenty of auld salts on hand to impart guidance and advice.

In our Jan comp there was an average of 37 fish caught per angler and in our Feb comp there was an average of 35 per angler. Here is the report and results of our last light comp to give you some idea Feb Light Line Comp. This months comp should produce similar fishing!

So come on, book in!!! You know its good for you!!!

Soft Plastics Fishing - Savage Sandeel Slug - March 2012

Oh, you just can't keep this man at bay! Availing of the settled weather this week, Jim Clohessy headed out again. This time in his tried and trusted Honwave. Jim knows his spots and picked a mark that can produce. Using new lures from the Savagear range, Jim scored again. Drop after drop produced some fine plump codling. Have a look for yourself!!!

Soft Plastics Fishing - Cork March 2012

Jim Clohessy is at it again! This time Jim went out with Kevin Murphy, owner of the Bellavista self-drive fleet, in one of Kevin's latest additions to the fleet, a raider 19. Their initial task was to photograph the Cork Harbour Angling Hub Charter Fleet as they ferried anglers to reef marks outside the harbour as part of the Irish Boat Team Fundraiser, but with that job done they had a crack at cod fishing with soft plastics. As you can imagine, Jim is now a dab hand at this technique; Kevin on the other hand is a bit rusty, as you will see for yourself. Mind you Kevin, you're in good hands. Being out with an auld salt like Jim will pay off; you'll get the inside track on a technique that Jim is now a master at!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Irish Boat Team Fundraiser - The Results

What a great day; you couldn't have asked for a better day weather-wise! There wasn't a puff of wind and the sea was glassy calm. Just aswell, as some of the competitors had availed of Cobh's noted hospitality and had given it welly in some of the more well known watering holes the night before! To say that there were a few sick heads amongst the throng of anglers, who gathered at Kennedy Pier for the off, would have been a bit of an understatement.

The cobwebs were soon wiped away and the anglers got stuck into the competitive side of the outing. Over 60 anglers had signed up and this was
to be a fun competition. Prizes were to be won for best fish in all species categories and for most species. Members of the Irish Team busied themselves getting the anglers away as quick as they could and the boats of the Cork Harbour Angling Hub brought the anglers to the grounds outside the harbour. Some of the top boats were used, including the John Boy, Naomh Cartha, Wreckhunter, Lee Star, Castlemaiden, Deora De, etc.,...

Many thanks to the members of the Irish Boat Team 2012, Myles Howell, Mick Barry, Kit Dunne, Gordon Darker, Davy McCormick, and Dave Jolly, who organised a great day.

The boats were well scattered with some opting to fish the reefs off Power Head, others the Smiths straight off Roches Point, and still others the longer trek to the Ling Rocks. One of the boats that ventured to the Ling Rocks was Wreckhunter, skippered by Joe
Lynch. Mick Barry was aboard this boat and he reported that they were happy with their fishing. Fishing wasn't hectic but they still had enough action to warrant the trek out. In fact, the biggest fish of the whole competition, a fine ling weighing in at 9.3lbs, was landed by Mick Martin onboard Wreckhunter. They also had good pollack and whiting.

Lagosta II, skippered by Alan Kennedy, spent most of the day in at the Smiths. Fishing was slow at the start. Mind you within the first hour Cobh SAC angler, Pat O'Shea, was up to 4 species. A move by Alan, to a small wreck on the edge of the Smiths, at midday proved inspirational. The fishing suddenly took off and for an hour all anglers onboard had great fishing. Heiko Drier led the way with some fine pollack. However, there were also some sizeable pouting coming onboard, aswell as ballan wrasse, ling, & cuckoo wrasse. With some of the anglers recording upto 7 species at this
point, they were put off their stride when a
call to Danny Kane on Deora De revealed that Dan Lynch was by that point on 12 species. Not to be put off, Padraig Clear, post-Irish, persevered and notched up 2 more to register 9 species in total. Just aswell, as it later transpired that Danny was upto his old tricks and in fact Padraig had won the most species prize. Well done Padraig!!!

Danny Kane was fishing onboard Deora De, skippered by Jim Linehane. They fished mainly in the Daunt area; Pat Condon and Cormac Gannon had the most species with 7 each. Cormac had a fine red gurnard of 46cm which was just 2oz under specimen. Hard luck Cormac, but still a great fish!!! Dan Lynch was also onboard with his daughter Sarah who had a great day. Sarah, 8 years of age, had 6 species and won the juvenile and ladies section. Well done Sarah!!!

The final results were as follows:

Heaviest Fish - Ling 9.3lbs (Mick Martin)
Longest Fish - Conger 130cm (Ciaran Rice)
Total Species - 9 species (Padraig Clear)
Best Cod - 68cm (John Brady)
Best Conger - 130cm (Ciaran Rice)
Best Dab - 33cm (Aaron Darker)
Best Grey Gurnard - 37cm (Stephen O'Neill)
Best Red Gurnard - 43cm (Cormac Gannon)
Best Haddock - 46cm (Pat O'Shea)
Best Ling - 89cm (Mick Martin)
Best Lsd - 71cm (Pat Condon)
Best Pollack - 63cm (Padraig Clear)
Best Pouting - 39cm (Liam Kennedy)
Best Poor Cod - 26cm (Joe McInerney)
Best Whiting - 45cm (Sean McShane)
Best Thornback - 44cm (Sean Og McShane)
Best Ballan Wrasse - 40cm (Pat Condon)
Best Cuckoo - 37cm (John Dennehy)
Herring - 26cm (Dave Clancy)
Dragonet - 23cm (Pat Swan)

Many thanks to all the anglers who participated and helped raise funds for the Irish team. We wish the team the best of luck in France later this year and know they'll do us proud (especially if they beat the auld enemy)! Here are the lads pictured below.

The next competition of note within the Harbour is Cobh SAC's light line competition. This is on next Sunday week, 25th March. If you'd fancy fishing this then give Mary Geary a buzz on 021-4812167 or Danny Kane on 086 - 8161946 to book yourself in! Have a look here for the results of the last comp Feb Light Line Report & Results.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Cod

The settled weather earlier this week prompted a few of Cobh SAC anglers to get out on the water. On-board Danny Kane's boat, 'Sandra Anne', the lads had spring cod on their minds. Danny brought them to a closely guarded mark of his not far from Roches Point and they weren't disappointed. Over a three hour session the three anglers managed over four dozen healthy codling. The best of the fish fell to veteran Cobh SAC angler, George Stockley, who managed this beauty of 8lbs. Indeed, George certainly out-fished the other two, a measure of his vast experience. George just recently celebrated his 81st birthday and its great to see this well regarded angler enjoying his angling to the full!!!

Its great also to see this kind of fishing in the lead up
to this weekend's fundraiser for the Irish Boat Angling Team and for those who are participating, just to let you know, the lads had the codling on various hokkai and Shamrock Tackle rigs, baited with mackeral. Here's hoping the fishing this Saturday will be just as successful!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Team Ireland 2012 Fundraiser Competition

The Fundraising competition for the 2012 Ireland Boat Angling Team is now only a week and a half away. The competition itself is on Saturday week, the 10th March. The funds raised will be used to support the Ireland Boat Angling Team in its quest for glory in the World Boat Angling Championship 2012 in France this Sept.

Show your support by signing up to fish this comp!!!

If you want to enter contact Kit Dunne on 087 - 6832179 or Myles Howell on 087 - 2525162. Entry fee is €60 for seniors and €20 for juniors. The boats will be provided by the charter skippers of Cork Harbour Angling Hub and will be leaving Kennedy Pier, Cobh at 9:30pm. Fishing will be until 4pm and the prizegiving will be in the Bellavista Hotel, Cobh at 6pm. There is a huge range of prizes with prizes for many different categories, so everyone's in with a chance!

This will be a fun competition with no fancy rules and is open to anglers of all skills. Don't feel daunted by the calibre of some of the international anglers who will be fishing. They will be more than happy to impart their advice and you're sure to learn a lot. Mind you, it is an ideal opportunity to pit your skills up against some of these lads just to see how good you actually are!!!

The fishing in the harbour has been good of late. The last line competition on Sun 19th Feb produced 1200 fish to 34 anglers. That's some return! Have a look here for the full details!!!

There has been plenty of dolphin activity, aswell as bird activity with lots of gannets, guillemots and other sea birds working the harbour in the last week. This seems to indicate that there is plenty of sprat. Indeed, the light line comp produced a number of dozen mackeral, so the signs for fishing are good!!!

If you need accommodation for the fundraiser the Commodore Hotel and the Bellavista Hotel have teamed up to offer special deals for the visiting anglers. Contact Mary O'Mahony at 021-4811277 for the former and Kevin Murphy at 021-4812450 in the latter and tell 'em Team Ireland sent you.

Come on down, ya know its good for you!!!