Friday, March 16, 2012

Soft Plastics Fishing - Cork March 2012

Jim Clohessy is at it again! This time Jim went out with Kevin Murphy, owner of the Bellavista self-drive fleet, in one of Kevin's latest additions to the fleet, a raider 19. Their initial task was to photograph the Cork Harbour Angling Hub Charter Fleet as they ferried anglers to reef marks outside the harbour as part of the Irish Boat Team Fundraiser, but with that job done they had a crack at cod fishing with soft plastics. As you can imagine, Jim is now a dab hand at this technique; Kevin on the other hand is a bit rusty, as you will see for yourself. Mind you Kevin, you're in good hands. Being out with an auld salt like Jim will pay off; you'll get the inside track on a technique that Jim is now a master at!

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