Saturday, June 23, 2012

Superb specimen pollack!!!

Renowned specimen hunter, Tony Tait, recently notched up a superb specimen to his tally. This one was a bit special. During a recent Rosies Angling Club competition Tony landed a super 13lb 10oz pollack! Reef pollack don't often come at that size any more so fair play Tony that was a superb catch!!!

Tony takes up the story himself with this recently filed report....

'Our recent club competition was on Sunday 10th June. It was a fall back date for 3rd June which was cancelled due to bad weather. This was an individual competition with a limit of 5 fish per species; this means only 5 x cod, 5 x lsd, etc.,... Its also a catch and release comp. Each angler can catch 5 of every species in size witnessed by another crew member, released, and then mark his/her individual score card. The only fish anglers have to bring back to the weigh-in are their biggest flat and heaviest round (conger and ray do not count). All rays caught are to be identified & witnessed by another competing boat then released.

The weather forecast was for easterly winds of force 2 in the morning, veering southerly, then south westerly, increasing to 8mph. The forecasters got the weather right; it was a real pleasure to be out at sea, with the sun warming your body. The fishing was patchy, but everyone managed to catch and record a respectable score.

My wife, Sue, and I headed to our usual marks around the Smiths but found the fishing very slow. We then proceeded to the Ling Rocks area where we managed to pick up a few fish and a specimen pollack weighing 6.2kg (13lb 10oz). Although, this wasn't good enough to get me among the placings, it did get me in the prizes.

The final results were:

1st   Ray Donnelly, 1075 points & 14 species.
2nd  Martyn Rayner, 870 points & 14 species.

Heaviest Flat        Megrim 0.50kg  Martyn Rayner
Heaviest Round    Pollack  6.20kg Tony Tait

Winning Junior      Abigail Donnelly with 340 points & 8 species.

Abigail also had a superb haddock which on a normal day might have won her the prize for the heaviest round, but it wasn't to be. Sorry, about that Abbie!

Martyn Rayner (aka Screeming Reels) managed to his species tally for the year and he is now on 21 species for 2012.

Check out what we do at Rosies Sea Angling Club and how we get on by visiting our website. Click on the link....

Also, we hold the Martin O' Brien Memorial Festival over the August Bank Holiday weekend every year. This is an open 2 day small boat species fishing competition. Check out the following link for more details....

We hope to see you all there.'

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