Sunday, July 15, 2012

World Champion's Bass.....

Richie Ryan of Eire Bass was under a bit of pressure to deliver lately. Although, Richie has a top pedigree as one of the top bass guides the elements were conspiring against him. Weeks of heavy rain had transformed the inner harbour waters into a sea of murky brown. The outer marks were unreachable due to the stiff to strong breeze. Adding to all this were the expectations of his client. On board Richie had the pleasure of guiding World Champion Power Lifter Victor Patterson and his wife Della. As they stepped on board Victor announced that his boat at home was much bigger! As they slipped the moorings Victor announced that he had never before blanked on a fishing trip!! Pressure!!! Pressure!!!! Pressure!!!!

The day was tough. As Richie had expected, they struggled. Not to be outdone Richie reached deep into his tackle box. The wiley old dog was not going to be outdone yet! Richie has great faith in the Megabass x140 and sure enough this lure broke the deadlock. Shortly after clipping on the lure Victor was into a fish and after a spirited fight a nice 58cm, 4lb bass was landed. Success at last!!!

If you'd like a day out with Richie you can contact him on 086 - 1940744 or have a look at his website here for more details. Although, fish are never guaranteed, Richie's success rate speaks for itself.

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