Saturday, October 17, 2015

Light Lines - Winter 2015/16

The ever popular series of Light Lines competitions are back!!!!

Well it's that time of year again; the start of winter, which heralds the influx of codling, whiting and dabs into Cork Harbour. So if you were thinking of mothballing your fishing gear for the winter, then DON'T!!!

Instead, head out fishing with Cobh SAC. The winter series of the ever popular Light Line competitions are starting again and will run right through the winter months until next April.

These competitions are for everyone; whether you're a seasoned angler or a raw beginner. In fact, if you are a novice it’s no better a place to cut your teeth in boat angling. These are fun competitions where everyone is quite willing to help out each other and you can get great advice. Not that there isn't a competitive side to these matches as well as some of top rods will be slogging it out to be the Light Line champion over the season….and there have been some notable champions over the years including Irish internationals Padraic Clear and Paddy Swan.

The first of this winter's competitions is on Sunday the 15th November 2015 (HT 07:11 4.0m). If you'd like to fish this one then book your place with Pat O’Shea Cobh SAC, on 087 – 2532610 (email – or Mary Geary Cobh SAC on 021 – 4812167 ( Book early to avoid disappointment. These comps are very popular and can book up fairly early. Make sure to get your entry in before the close off the Weds evening before the comp at 6pm.

The full list of competitions are as follows:

Sunday 15th November (HT 07:11pm 4.0m)
Sunday 13th December (HT 06:18pm 4.1m)
Sunday 17th January (HT 10:51pm 3.7m)
Sunday 14th February (HT 09:30pm 4.0m)
Sunday 13th March (HT 08:22pm 4.3m)
Sunday 10th April (HT 08:17am 4.5m)

The scorecard used is the same one used for the Boat Fish-Offs and the fishing will be broadly similar. However, the format is much simpler and the rules are kept simple. There will be only one change of positions in the boat; basic IFSA rules apply e.g. you are limited to three hooks. The only stipulation is that your main line is of 15lb b.s. or under. Shockleaders, main rig bodies, and snoods can be made of any breaking strain. There is no restrictions on bait. The rules are kept as simple as possible as it's meant to be a fun competition; a fun day out. In fairness the craic can be mighty and the slagging something to behold!!!

You can fish one competition or you fish them all. If you fish every comp then you'll be entered into the overall series. Your best scores from 5 comps will count (you can drop your worst score). Last year it was, yet again, a very close run thing; Terry Boyle, Padraic Clear, member of the current 2016 Irish World Boat Championships Team, and Pat O'Shea, Cobh SAC, were all in the reckoning upto the last was that close! Padraic Clear won out in the end and will be back this year to defend his title.

This year we are delighted to announce that Shamrock Tackle have come on board as the main sponsors and are joined by the Commodore Hotel. Shamrock Tackle will be supplying many of the main prizes including Artico Rods, Fixed Spool reels and others. Watch this space!

For those anglers travelling and wishing to stay over, the Commodore Hotel are providing preferential rates. Just contact Mary O’Mahony on 021 – 4811277 or email and quote the Light Lines.

C'mon give it a go; you know it’s good for you!!!    (It'll keep you sane over the winter!)


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