Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ling galore - for Naomh Cartha

Mick and the lads have done it again! This time just Mick, Ian and skipper, Ger, headed out for an early morning stint before they got stuck into some work on the boat for the afternoon. They headed for a spot on the Smiths that Ian has been keeping under his hat. Every drift proved to be a winner for them, with good ling upto 10lbs and over. Mick had spotted that the first fish had coughed up a herring and with herring being so plentiful they decided to 'match the hatch.' Herring went on as bait and it worked a treat. They did pick up a few cod but it was the quantity of ling and quality of the fish that had them smiling allround. If you'd fancy a day out on the Naomh Cartha click here and you might end up with a box of fish like this:

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