Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good weekend on the Osprey

Pat Condon, skippering the Osprey, reports that they had a great weekend's fishing just gone. On Saturday, fishing one of Pat's marks on the Smiths, his party of anglers had over 17 species of fish. Included in these were some hefty conger, ling, and pollack. A few of the conger were in the mid 30's. One of the lads also had a fine 4lb haddock. A number of dragonets were also caught.

To round off the day Pat moved in closer to the harbour in search of thornback ray. After landing a few thornie's one of the gang hooked into a fish that went on a surging run and tore line from the reel at a rate of knots. Before he had a chance to set the hook the end rig parted. Pat reckoned it may have been a large spurdog as a few of these have shown up lately. Then again it may have been a Tope. One of these was caught last year in the National Fish Offs and it may be that they are starting to put in a reappearance in the Harbour after an absence of decades.

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