Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fly fishing for bass....

Fly fishing expert, Richie Ryan, reports great fishing upto last weekend. Richie operates the first licensed salt water fly fishing boat in the country and can take upto three anglers at a time. Although, he first preference is fly fishing, all forms of angling are catered for. Above is a picture of a fine 5lb bass caught last week on a clouser fly.

This time last year bass were very scarce in the harbour, but there has been a big improvement in numbers caught by various methods this year. Richie has had exceptional lure fishing so far, especially on a lure supplied by his good Welsh friend and mentor, Andrew Davies - a Megabass x140 , traded for a carton of fags no less!

Prospects for bass fishing in the harbour look very promising. If you'd fancy a day out with Richie aboard the Seahawk contact him through his website at Richie's rates are very reasonable and supplies tackle aswell.

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