Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ray action on Osprey II

Last weekend Pat Condon had a group of English lads over for the weekend. Fishing aboard Osprey II they had four good days working the marks both inside and outside Cork Harbour. On the Smiths they had plenty of the usual suspects with haddock, ling, conger, pollack, cod, coalfish, etc.,.... However, it was while fishing an old mark of Pat's at the mouth of the Harbour that they really did well. Fishing on the ebb they had plenty of thornback rays which is a welcome sight to see. Thornbacks have been scarce in the Harbour in recent years due to the pressures of commercial fishing but its great to see numbers bouncing back, but that wasn't all; mixed in with the thornies were a few homlyn ray and an undulate ray! Now that is great to see!

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