Friday, August 12, 2011

A bit of a 'Ball' hop onboard Deora De...

The Alan Ball or 'Baller' group were recently out with skipper, Jim Linehan, on Deora De.

Over the course of
two days, the group had over 15 species of fish.

Highlight of the trip, though, was when the group encountered the cod shoals. There was an excellent run of cod. At times cod were coming up three at a time...for some anglers this resulted in a complete mess!!! Some of the cod were of a good size with fish in the 10 - 11lb range.

Although, many of the fish were returned, a good bag was retained. On the return journey the lads busied themselves cleaning and filleting the fish which were stored in the freezers back in the hotel. The lads were staying in the Commodore Hotel, which served as an ideal base to explore the pubs and restaurants of Cobh, once the lads had a days fishing time!!!

After a cracking weekend the lads reluctantly headed home but not before collecting their box of fish from the hotel freezer. I'm sure once the home freezers are empty the lads will be back again!

If you'd fancy a trip out with Jim Linehan onboard Deora De, check out his website here for contact details.

The Commodore Hotel is also doing special accommodation rates for Anglers and Angling Groups. Contact Mary O' Mahony at reservations on 021-4811277 for more details (


  1. Great weekend had by all thanks to all in the hotel and Jim

  2. No problem Mark...hope to see you all again in the near future!