Sunday, May 20, 2012

April Light Line Comp - The Results

Well apologies for being extremely late with this report. Work commitments have kept this blogger away from the keyboard. As you can imagine, being the last light line competition in the Winter season, this particular comp was eagerly awaited by many of the competing anglers. 

Bright and early on Sunday morning 22nd April all competitors gathered on Kennedy Pier for the off. This competition was going to decide the overall winner of the Light Line Winter series of competitions and there were a few handy anglers in the reckoning. Certainly Danny Kane of Cobh SAC fancied his chances, but he was up against Martin Perryman, also of Cobh SAC, and John Dennehy, captain of the Irish Home Nations Team. It wasn't going to be easy!

Once the 17 anglers were onboard, both the John Boy and Naomh Cartha whisked them off to their own favourite marks along 'Deep Hole' and along the channel side of the Turbot Bank. The better fishing was on the Naomh Cartha and onboard Pat Wright was having a stormer. Was this a sign of things to come, for a few weeks later, Pat fished very well in the Findlater and won a spot on the Irish Home Nations team for 2013. Well done Pat!!! Anyhow, on the day Pat outfished everyone onboard by a big margin with 73 fish. He even put a bit of space between himself and his nearest competitor, John Dennehy. Wow, that was good going as John had been consistently outfishing most in all the recent comps!!!

On the other boat it was a lot closer but Martin Perryman was still setting the pace. The fishing wasn't as hectic as the last few competitions but nevertheless the fishing was still good. In total there were 578 fish caught amongst the 17 anglers making it an average of 36 fish per angler. The breakdown was: 377 whiting, 105 dab, grey gurnard, 76 lsd, 2 pouting, 14 poor cod, and 1 flounder.

....and the final results were as follows:

1st. Pat Wright: 73 fish, 1043 pts, 100%
2nd. Martin Perryman: 49 fish, 731 pts, 100%
3rd. Anthony Austin: 43 fish, 623 pts, 85.2%
4th. John Dennehy: 62 fish, 874 pts, 83.8%
5th. Stephen O'Neill: 38 fish, 546 pts, 74.7%
6th. Pat Condon: 38 fish, 542 pts, 74.1%
7th. Ger Brady: 45 fish, 645 pts, 61.8%
8th. Sandra O'Shea: 45 fish, 628 pts, 60.2%
9th. Slywester Skowronski: 27 fish, 397 pts, 54.3%
10th. James Brandon: 33 fish, 495 pts, 47.5%
11th. Rob Kelly: 25 fish, 374 pts, 35.9%
12th. Bobby Crebor: 16 fish, 260 pts, 35.6%
13th. Donnacha O'Connell: 23 fish, 357 pts, 34.2%
14th. John Fitzgerald: 13 fish, 204 pts, 27.9%
15th. Martin O'Leary: 19 fish, 282 pts, 27.0%
16th. Eddie Deasy: 18 fish, 262 pts, 25.1%
17th. Frank Burke: 11 fish, 165 pts, 22.6%

Well who won the overall series? You'll have to wait for the next instalment for that one!

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