Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Bass on plugs and fly....

Cork Harbour salt water fly fishing specialist, Richie Ryan, has been getting some superb bass lately. Across is a magnificent 12lb bass caught on an angel kiss lure recently. Unfortunately, Richie did not have a certified scales with him at the time and will not be claiming an official specimen fish. Richie was more anxious to return the fish alive. Well done, Richie!!!
The dimensions of the fish can clearly be seen in the picture. Measured up against Richie's salmon spinning rod the fish is approximately 84cms in length. According to the UK B.A.S.S. tape a fish of that length would weigh 13lb 8oz. Wow!!!
Cian Ryan, Richie's son, is one of the people benefiting from Richie's expert tuition. Cian is no mean angler himself having clinced the Munster Juvenile Deep Sea Angling title in 2009. However, this was a milestone for Cian being his first salt water fly caught fish. Hence, the broad smile.

Another group of anglers who have benefited from Richie's guiding and fly fishing expertise were from Sky Sports Italy. They were recently filming a clip to be aired on Sky Sports on fly fishing within Cork Harbour. Richie brought them to one of his favourite marks that produces excellent pollack fishing on the fly. In Richie's own words they 'murdered' the fish. I'm sure it will make for interesting TV viewing.

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