Thursday, August 19, 2010

Specimen Red Gurnard

Skipper Jim Linehan of Deora De has got in on the act this time landing this fine specimen red gurnard of 2.2lbs. Jim just happened to be demonstrating to his clients techniques they could use to target bottom dwellers like haddock, whiting and gurnard when this beautiful red gurnard took a fancy to his offering. What a beautiful fish! Well done Jim!!!

Jim reports that the fishing is still excellent. He had various parties out this week and there were still plenty of cod, haddock, whiting, ling, pouting, poor cod, red gurnard, grey gurnard, tub gurnard, pollack, coalies, wrasse, doggies, conger, etc.,.... The most noticeable difference he reports is that the mackeral are now solid for the first time this year!

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