Friday, May 25, 2012

Skippers Diaries - Osprey

Last weekend, while most of the Cork Harbour charter fleet were working the grounds to the West, and particularly the Ling Rocks, skipper Pat Condon, on-board the Osprey, opted for the fishing grounds to the East. Pat had a gang out from the Sportsman Bar in Cork, led by veteran angler, Pat Duggan and he was anxious that they'd have good fish for the table. With this in mind Pat brought them to a favourite mark of his a few miles off Power Head.

This is a spot that Pat knew would produce good cod if they were on the feed and, as luck would have it, they certainly were. Straight from the off they were into fish and over the course of the day a steady flow of good cod came over the gunwales. Most of the fish were in the 6 to 8lb bracket but the best fish of the day fell to Pat Duggan himself who had a beauty of 9.5lbs. Well done Pat!!!

If you'd fancy a day out with skipper Pat Condon on the Osprey you can find his contact details on his website here. Pat is an experienced angler himself, having fished for the Irish international team on several occasions and also recording over 30 specimen fish.

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