Friday, October 26, 2012

An Autumn Specimen Pollack.....

Specimen Pollack are not as plentiful now as they were years ago. However, Cork Harbour turns up a few every year. All of these are normally caught on the Ling Rocks, a historically renowned pollack mark a dozen or so miles off Roches Point.  That's what makes this one so unique!

This specimen was caught on a reef mark east of Power Head. The vast expanse of the Pollack Rock reef was certainly a prolific specimen pollack mark of yesteryear, but its be many years since a pollack of this size has been reported from this area. This particular beauty, weighing in at 12lbs 3oz, was caught by well known Cork Harbour angler and angling journalist, Jim Clohessy. Jim has specialised in soft plastic lure fishing over the last few years and it is certainly paying dividends. Whether it is pollack, cod, or bass the soft plastics do seem to winkle out the bigger fish. However, there is a certain skill in fishing the sp's just right....a skill that visiting French anglers display their expertise at. Jim will admit to being on a huge learning curve with regard to this style of fishing, but he'd certainly now give the best of the French lads a run for their money. Well done Jim, keep it up!!!

If you'd fancy a crack at the big pollack, now's the time to give it a go. Fish now are in great condition after fattening up over the summer months. This year we've found them solid and thick across the body from a very early stage; probably, a reflection of the quantities of sprat and small herring that have been apparent off the harbour this summer and autumn. From here to end of February, when the fish spawn, they are at their optimum weight. If its a specimen you're after, now's the time!!!

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