Thursday, October 11, 2012

Specimen congers abound.....

Small boat anglers had some fishing in the last week! Specimen congers are few and far between but to hear of two caught out of Cork Harbour within days of each other is almost unheard of. Well that was just the case for well known local anglers, Maurice Cott and Tony Tait. 

Maurice was the first into a leviathan eel with a fish of 49lbs. What a fish; well done Maurice!

A few days later Tony Tait landed another fine eel of 21.26kg or 46.9lbs. Just to give you an idea of the size of these fish, the latter one measured 176cm in length and was 54cm in girth. Wow, that's some monster!!!

Eventhough, only a few specimen fish are recorded each year, as per the Irish Specimen Fish Report, you'll find over the years that Cork Harbour does account for a fair share of them!


  1. "Specimen conger are few and far between"??
    Terrible shame these two were killed then, isn't it? Did both anglers eat their catch?

  2. We would always promote catch and release, but the ultimate decision is up to the individual angler. The second conger was returned, once photographed.