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47th Cobh International Deep Sea Angling Festival.....the results!

Wreck Hunter heads out on the first day
The first week in September is eagerly awaited by a mixed bunch of Irish, Dutch, Welsh, and UK anglers every year. Many have been fishing the Cobh International Deep Sea Angling Festival for years.....and its easy to understand why! Not only is the fishing good, but the craic and banter is superb. This continues from the boats, back to the pubs and restaurants that sponsor each day's events, where the topic is, undoubtedly, about the one that got away!
Some of that mixed bunch

This year it was hoped that the weather would match last year. Good weather ensures that boats can get out to the angling hotspots off the harbour. Last year's weather was great and the boats got to the offshore reefs every day. This was reflected in the fishing results which were probably the best in living memory. Surely, it might be too much to expect superb weather two years on the trot...but that's exactly what happened. The fishing as a result was excellent again!!!

The Dutch gang
Once more, the skills of the skippers of the Cork Harbour Angling Hub fleet ensured that the anglers were on the best marks. The Cuan Bawn, Wreck Hunter, Lee Star, John Boy, & Naomh Cartha all have a great track record and this year they didn't disappoint.
Eagerly awaiting the off....

On Monday the designated area was to be the Smiths Reef area. The tides were slack but at least they were building for the rest of the week. The fishing was unusual. Ruud Boelhower had a superb day aboard the Naomh Cartha. He had 16 congers for a total score of 690 points; winning the day with the highest score. Ruud was way ahead in his boat with nobody coming near. He just seemed to have the midas touch. It was as if he was dropping into a conger nest each time. 

On the Cuan Bawn, Pat O'Shea also had a good day. Pat had a mixture of conger and pollack but really racked up the score with the pollack in the afternoon. He ended the day with 680 points; again way ahead of anyone else on his boat. This was enough to give him 2nd place for the day. In 3rd place was Milo Burke with 360 points.
Cuan Bawn heads off

Heaviest fish fell to Gerard Gersjes with an 11kg conger. Ironically, that's the second year in a row that an 11kg conger has won the first day's heaviest fish prize!

....and so does John Boy
The Power Head/Pollack Rock Reef was the area designated for Tuesday. The fishing for the day was cracking. Two anglers scored over 900 points! There was plenty of conger caught and good quality fish to boot. Two anglers also caught fish warranting the heaviest fish prize. Both were congers of 17.0kg. However, by virtue of the fact that her next heaviest conger was heavier, at 7.5kg, Sandra O'Shea won. What was more extraordinary was that this fish was caught on the same trace as the 17.0kg conger at the same time. Poor Sandra struggled to haul up over 24.0kg of fish in the height of a strong tide....but she did manage!
Fishing for bait - Lee Star

Winner for the day was Martin Perryman with 910 points, followed closely by Denis Morgan with 905 points. Sandra O'Shea came in 3rd with 760 points. The day's results kept Ruud Boelhower in the overall lead.

On Thursday it was decided to return to the Pollack Rock reef. With the fishing so good here on Tuesday and the better tide it was hoped that some great scores could be had here once more. However, as is always the case in fishing things don't always turn out as you hope or expect. The winner had about 200 less points than on Tuesday but, at least, the average score per angler was on a par. Hans Vermelis from Holland had the best score with a total of 760 points. In 2nd was Karl Slynne with 645 points and in 3re was Frank Cronin with 620 points. Bob Crebor had the heaviest fish with a 13.5kg conger. Ruud Boelhower had another good day and maintained his lead on the overall scoreboard.

Despite maintaining his lead Ruud had three other anglers pressing him all the way. Martin Perryman, Milo Burke, and Pat O'Shea were all in contention and keeping Ruud under pressure. The final day's results would prove to be interesting.

The final day's fishing area was the Smiths and Daunt Rock area. As was the case on Monday, some boats had good fishing but others fared out poorly. Unluckily, for Ruud, after putting in a great performance all week, his luck ran out. Ruud managed 3 conger but it was not enough. Others had better. Milo Burke had the best score on Friday with 680 points, with Paul Evans following closely with 645 points, and Pat O'Shea in 3rd with 620 points. Heaviest fish was a 13.0kg conger by Karl Slynne.
Naomh Cartha on the way back

Friday's scoring enough to Pat O'Shea to the top spot. This is Pat's second year in a row winning the Festival. Well done Pat!!!

Milo Burke came 2nd and Ruud came 3rd.....

The final results for the week are as follows:

1st Pat O'Shea, Cobh SAC, 2015 pts
1st Pat O'Shea, Cobh SAC, 2015 pts
2nd Milo Burke, Cobh SAC, 1690 pts
3rd Ruud Boelhower, Holland, 1690 pts
4th Martin Perryman, Crosshaven SAC, 1650 pts
5th Paul Evan, Wales, 1445 pts
6th Sandra O'Shea, Cobh SAC, 1445 pts
Outside Kelly's Pub
7th Karl Slynne, Ireland, 1435 pts
8th Denis Morgan, Ireland, 1425 pts
9th Peter Morris, Wales, 1360 pts
10th Paul Tennant, Cobh SAC, 1330 pts
11th Frank Cronin, Cobh SAC, 1270 pts
12th Richie Fortune, Cobh SAC, 1205 pts

Best Pollack, 4.0kg, Karl Slynne, Irl
Best Ling, 7.5kg, Frank Cronin, Irl
Most No. of Conger, 28 conger, Ruud Boelhower, Holland
Best Edible Bag, 95.5kg, Pat O’ Shea, Irl
Some of the locals with the Welsh lads
Most Species, 9 species, Ger Brady, Irl
Best Cod, 6.5kg, Johann Duijts, Holland
Heaviest Edible Fish, 7.5kg, Frank Cronin, Irl
Best No. of Fish, 85 fish, Pat O’ Shea, Irl
Best ‘Out of State’, Paul Evans, Wales, 1445pts
Best Lady, Sandra O'Shea, Irl, 1445 pts
Heaviest fish of the week, 17kg conger, Sandra O'Shea, Irl
Best Skipper, John & Eoin Barry, Cuan Bawn
Fun Team, Steve Williams (Wales), Ruud Boelhower (Holland), Martin Perryman (Irl), Phil Blakey (UK), 5045 pts
Two Man TeamIreland E, Milo Burke, Frank Cronin, 2960 pts.

Pat with some of his prizes
As well as wining the overall prize for the second time this is Pat's 3rd year on the trot winning the 'Best Edible Bag' Trophy and his 4th year on the trot winning the trophy for the 'Most number of fish.'

Well done to all the committee at Cobh SAC for organising such a great event yet again!

Plans are already afoot in organising next year's Festival which will once more be held, as is tradition, in the first week in September. If you fancy your chances and would like to enter then contact club chairperson, Mary Geary, for further information on 00-353-21-4812167 or by email on

Pat & Ruud reflect on a good week

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  1. 13 Kg is a pretty heavy fish. Deep sea angling is already a sport, but turning it into a contest probably makes it even more exciting. Did anyone cook any of those impressive catches?