Friday, October 4, 2013

September Blues with Deora De.....

Skipper, Jim Linehan, has had a great run of blue shark fishing during the month of September. Most of his clients were looking for good blues and the skipper of Deora De did not disappoint. Jim reckons that the grounds outside the harbour, between the Old Head of Kinsale and Ballycotton, are probably the best sharking area in the North East Atlantic. 

Jim's record certainly backs that up. Only two years ago Jim had a client that landed a blue shark estimated at over 250lb. It took three of them to lift it. Now that's a monster!!! 

Back to the present and the sharking in the last month has been exceptional. Most days a number of sharks were brought to the boat but there were a couple of exceptional days when more than a dozen or so were landed. Plenty of gars were also caught!

If you'd fancy a day out sharking with Jim give him a buzz on 00-353-86-4091389. Check out the Deora De website here for more information.

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