Thursday, September 2, 2010

Boat Angling Ireland Meet

Boat-Angling-Ireland held their annual shark meet out of Cobh this weekend . This is the second year on the trot that Cobh has been used as a base and by all accounts this year's meet was just as successful as last year's.
9 boats fished this meet, a combination of own boats and charters, and had great weather for the weekend. On the Saturday all boats headed out to that blue shark belt between 10 and 14 miles offshore and weren't disappointed. By all accounts the blues were in aggressive feeding mode. All boats had plenty of blues with an average of 5 per boat landed. Several of the blues were in excess of the 'ton' with the biggest going to 160lbs. That's some fish!
Celebrations went long into the night back on land. The lads had made the Commodore Hotel their base for the weekend and were not alone. There was another group of 24 lads there from the Dublin based Sheridan group fishing a competition for the weekend out of Cork Harbour. There were also a group of 8 Dutch lads over for the week fishing. As you imagine the craic and banter over fishing was mightly. As one local hack remarked ''d need a lifejacket and fishing rod just to get into the bar.'
To see the full reports on the weekend's fishing have a look here
If you are interested in using the Commodore Hotel for a base you can check out rates here

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