Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Yanks are coming....

Well they've actually been, and gone....but they had a great day's fishing while they were here all thanks to Cork Harbour bass guide, Richie Ryan. The group were under a tight schedule as they had to be back for midday. Nevertheless, Richie made sure thay had fish.

Fishing at first at the Harbour mouth, the group had plenty of mackeral and codling. The Yanks would have been content at that but Richie brought them to one his favourite bass marks and despite the neap tides and less than favourable conditions he managed to winkle out a nice plump 3lber for one of the group.

Later during the week, Richie came up trumps again. This time he had renowned bass angling guru, Jim Hendrick, and French bass specialist, Jean Louis Max, in his company. Details of the catch, methods, and marks have been kept secret. There may be an angling magazine article to come from this one? Well done, Richie!

If you'd fancy a trip out with Richie, why not contact him through his website at

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