Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wreckhunter down east....

Skipper Joe Lynch, of Wreckhunter II, reports that after a number of disappointing sessions on the Ling Rocks he decided to venture down east on the grounds off Power Head and the Pollack Rock. He was rewarded as his party had some good ling to 9lbs and some fine cod to 11lb 12oz. Some lively conger were also caught and there were plenty of pollack to 8lbs falling to ragworm. Mackeral were easily caught for a change but what was less welcome were the hoardes of small coalfish that mobbed every bait put in the water. Still a great day was had by all and the weather, as can be seen by the photos, was superb.

If you'd fancy a day onboard Wreckhunter, contact Joe through his website at

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