Thursday, September 2, 2010

Festival bait session....

Last Thursday a group of Cobh SAC anglers were dispatched with instructions to catch enough mackeral for bait for the upcoming Deep Sea Angling Festival ( An order was given for 1,000 mackeral!!! That would give each competing angler a bag of 5 mackeral for each day's fishing.

However, Cobh SAC member, Timmy Leahy, just wasn't paying heed to the task at hand. He just kept catching cod....and good ones at that!

All joking aside, cod turned up in great numbers. All were of the stamp shown in the photo. As you can see from Timmy' smile, he wasn't complaining.

There was as many cod caught as there were mackeral and, although, the quota wasn't reached there were a couple of fine boxes of fish allround. All Cork Harbour skippers are now reporting that a bigger stamp of cod are turning up than the small codling that were in plague proportions earlier in the year. These cod are showing up on all the usual reef marks and in good numbers too. Hopefully, this is a sign of even better cod fishing to come. As regards the mackeral, the Cobh SAC anglers can always top up on mackeral the next day!

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