Friday, May 3, 2013

....and the Bass keep coming!!!

Its great to see the bass back after such a long absence. Upto last week we probably went through one of the leanest late winter periods in donkey's years...but that's all behind us now and the bass have arrived in numbers. Many seasoned Cork Harbour bass anglers have now returned to some of their favourite haunts to target some sport as the fish are hungry and are competing for food.

One of the area's most experienced lure anglers, Andy Davies, has been chalking up the hours with some great results already under his belt. On the right is a pic of a fine 6lber that Andy had the other evening on a soft plastic.

Andy had a cracking session landing five bass on a rising tide peaking in darkness. He also managed to catch a thick lipped mullet on a plug. The fish was hooked fairly and squarely in the mouth which was an unusual occurrence in its own right.

With less than two weeks away to the closed season there's ample time for the avid bass angler to pick up a few fish before the month long break.

Remember, during the closed season anglers are not allowed to target bass at all. The closed season runs from the 15th May (midnight) to the 15th June (midnight) and includes both of these days aswell. Effectively, the last allowable day for fishing will be Tuesday 14th May with the season reopening on Sunday 16th June.

 Over the closed season we urge anglers to be extra vigilant as this is the time when those less scrupulous step up their poaching activities. If you come across illegal nets or suspected illegal netting activity in Cork Harbour or in the area from Ballycotton Island to the Old Head of Kinsale (or anywhere for that matter) make sure you report it. Contact us on or report it directly to Inland Fisheries Ireland on 1890 34 74 24.

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