Monday, May 13, 2013

....some more Mullet fishing!

In quiet back waters of Cork Harbour mullet can be successfully targeted. LRF specialists, Cillian Farrell and Dan Gill, who have been pioneering kayak angling in the harbour over the last number of years, have turned their attention to targeting mullet on lures!!!

Yesterday afternoon, one such mission led to success. Cillian gives a brief account of what happened '....A quick LRF session on the last hour of the flood. Dan & myself had felt a bit claustropobic of late having being couped up studying. A short fishing trip was in order. The beauty of Cork Harbour is that there are accessible marks within a short distance. 7 minutes into the session I hooked this 2-3lb mullet, with a pink power isome fished on a 1g jig head. Dan hadn't even set up by this stage. Unfortunately, that fish spooked the others. We did have a few follows later but it was great to catch a thick lipped on a lure!'

Well done, another one for the species count!!!

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