Friday, May 17, 2013

....its not just Bass!!!

While the bass closed season is in effect there are plenty of other species to target for the avid lure angler, fly angler, or obsessive bass angler, as Richie Ryan proved this week. Richie brought client, Kevin McLoughlin, to the Harbour Rock at the mouth of the harbour to target pollack....on the fly!!!

No mean challenge this, as the deeper water of certain areas of the rock make it difficult for the fly rodder. Kevin was upto the challenge. Kevin is no stranger to fly fishing and has only recently seen the potential of the salt on the fly. Richie and himself had nearly 60 pollack on the fly that day....the second day of the bass ban. What a great alternative!

The pic above is of Kevin with the first fish of the day on a fly tied by Kevin himself. Well done Kevin!!!

If you'd fancy a day out with Richie give him a buzz on 086 - 1940744 or check out his website Eire Bass.

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